Everything is homemade !

Fruit & vegetables freshly squeezed, tasty ice cream creations of the house without dyes or preservatives.

Recipes that combine greed and health!

Fresh vegetables

Prepared on site, our vegetables have been chosen to fill you up with vitamins and bring balance in greed. The favorite dish for young and olders who have trouble getting green!

Fresh fruits

Juicy and tasty, freshly squeezed, our juices and vitamin cures give you an incredible energy. To keep your balance and boost your good looks! Our delicious smoothies are made with freshly mixed fruit puree and homemade ice cream.

All our Waffles

are Gluten free.

Crispy and fluffy, with half-salted extra fine butter from Isigny and chicken eggs from our French breeders, our salty or sweet waffles are pleasures that we never tire!

Try our ice cream waffles, for the pleasure of the eyes and the palate!

Made of Rice Flour

The most widely grown cereal in the world after wheat, rice has the distinction of being naturally gluten-free and highly digestible. Known in China for over 3000 years, this flour is the most effective alternative to wheat flour.

and of Corn Flour.

The world’s first food grain, originating from Mexico and Guatemala, used in Latin American food for tacos, breads, semolina, malt … A pure flour, gluten-free and GMO-free, which brings crispness to our waffles.

Our buckwheat pancakes

are certified Gluten free

without eggs and without lactose.

Made of Organic Buckwheat Flour

Our organic buckwheat flour is French, made by the milling artisans of Rennes. Traditionally cultivated in Nepal, China and Siberia, buckwheat, called “black wheat” for its appearance, arrive in France in the 12th century after the Crusaders return. Buckwheat is not a grain, it’s a seed. Its flour is rich in fiber, protein, anti-oxidants and gluten-free.

Its rustic and slightly hazelnut flavor, its melting and crispy texture, combine well with our salty compositions, accompanied by green salad with squash seeds and pine nuts.

Our Tradition Crêpes

are ultra generous and old-fashioned.

Made of Wheat Flour

Here the crepe is thick and generous like old times!

Well greedy, tasty, sweet or salty, on-site or take-out, it delights our glutonny appetite from the simplest filling for purists to the most hearty for big cravings!

Our ice cream laboratory

confected on site without dyes or preservatives.

Homemade ice cream and sorbets

In crisp cones or scoop, on your crepes and waffles, our ice cream, with natural scents, can be enjoyed in any season.

We elaborate our homemade ice creams with rich ingredients in flavors and quality: 100% Sicilian pistachios, Piedmont hazelnuts, Valrhola chocolate, vanilla pure pods …

The best ingredients are chosen with passion to go even further in taste in our ice cream laboratory. Our whipped cream and praline are also 100% homemade!

Milk-shakes of the house

Our milkshakes are made of good whole french milk and homemade ice cream, without adding ice cubes or water. Exhilarating flavors to the end of your taste buds!